About Me!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Today has been a great day! When I left my house this morning I saw a huge owl sitting on top of a fence post.  It was so close and beautiful!  
At school I took my first graders to the computer lab for the first time this year! (teehee) It was actually the first time this school year! It always scares me to take them because it seems that there is always something not working! (Yes, I realize we are lucky to have one.) Our visit was successful and fun! 

After school today placed my first item on TeachersPayTeachers. The title is Hopping Left & Right-FREE I'm very excited! I have my friend, co-worker and former literacy coach Deedee Wills to thank for all of her time she spent we me teaching me how to build and share ideas with others!

The great day continued when I got home.  All three of my boys and my hubby were there.  Hubby and I each ordered our own pizza.  He ordered from Casey's and I ordered Domino's!  We got in the Jeep and took back roads to town to carry out OUR pizzas!  Yes, we shared with the kids when we got home.